• Unlocking OS Modular Engineered Manufactured Building Solutions 



    Collaborative Disruption   




    Dynamic routes to market sustained through functional integration of vocational structured training woven within engaging commercial enterprise.




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    Educational Reform

    Vocational services - keep intellectual capital current.


    Educational reform remains a hot topic for many countries, and it is made increasingly difficult with ever accelerated technologies, focusing how to learn over what to learn, problem solving skills, interpersonal skills will arguably better equip future generations.


    The gap of applied education, either as a right to passage for young adults to have recognizable skills to employers or the need for enterprise, to continuously maintain its intellectual capital, to remain current and provide competitive advantage, a fusion of institutional learning and commerce must coexist in real time.

    Vocational Training Centers are ideally positioned to service this need, and VEMAS are to network with participating centers to support the shared knowledge of multiple disciplines that are adopted by the Offsite (OS) modular market.


    VEMAS disrupt the OS modular market through the reengineering of certain technologies and the reconstruction of the route to market and while some of these changes open up to new technologies and methodologies, they are on the foundation of core skills that can be attributed to multiple markets.


    Those skills and shared experiences that support a more progressive route to the OS modular market are expanded upon throughout this webpage together with how vocational training interacts to accelerate the adoption for commercial application in domestic and overseas markets.




    Embedded Technologies 



    If it's not embedded, it’s not owned!

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    Right Resource- Right Place

    The closer studied knowledge is aligned to applied skills, the greater the value. The adoption of vocational training is the platform of choice to facilitate such a union.


    OS Synchronized Service 


    Off-site construction is a construction procedure that involves the planning, designing, engineering, fabrication, manufacture, assembly, transportation, installation with final completion onsite. VEMAS solutions provide a platform for these attributes and more, to be undertaken within autonomous specialized entities, removing the constraints of vertical manufacturing, providing fertile ground for innovation in the application of OS solutions to market.


    New routes to market require innovative technologies and modifications in methodologies and with a solution based on engaging new structured entities and reengaging an established value chain, with modifications for those entities to gain value in the support of OS.


    Facilitating a platform of learning is a natural addition in support of the extended market sectors. The extended market refers to generic skills and knowledge that can be applied to a variety of industries, simply packaged together with a sprinkling of specialization to address a more progressive route to Engineered Manufactured Building Solutions.

    The collaboration between vocational training facilities, considered the closest to commerce as an institutionalized entity, and VEMAS, will enable participants to have ready access to learnings in support of their individual or collective requirements.

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    Vocational Collaboration as Facilitator

    Generic skills training with adaptive OS knowledge transferred.


    • OS offering to the established route of academia for students.
    • Dedicated facilities for commerce to engage in OS modular technologies.
    • Provide a cooperative platform for engaging resources to teach and lecture on specialized subjects.
    • Facilitate adaptation training for establish contributors to traditional construction to engage in the OS modular market.
    • Create an environment for legislative changes to be worked through, to advance the OS industry.


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    Intellectual Capital, the Differentiator

    Invested interest in intellectual capital at national, enterprise and personal levels provides robust attributes for differentiation and sustainable returns for perpetuity.


    Empowerment is to Own It!


    VEMAS is a solution-based service provider, the majority of the service elements are there to support the transition of a vertical to horizontal route to market and will be eroded as the transition to a horizontal route becomes the norm. The remaining services are either centralized (cost reduction through absorption and amortization) or support cross-border continuity as an option of choice.


    Therefore, empowering enterprise is a given, it is the structure of the collaboration with engaging vocational facilities with the diversity and relevance of the participants, that provides empowerment to expand the market sector.


    VEMAS’ goal is in providing a stable and transparent platform for integrated exchange of domestic and global products and services associated with OS modular product to projects.


    The differentiator in terms of competitive advantages, at individual, enterprise and national levels is determined by the adoption and utilization of embedded technologies.


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    Vocational Collaboration as an Enabler

    Transferable knowledge on a diverse platform, to be embedded and applied to a position of choice.


    • Enables students to obtain practical experience in OS design and build technologies in addition to applied lean manufacturing skills.
    • Enables manufacturers to engage in OS modular production and assembly techniques.
    • Enables a supporting environment for project-based specialized resources to be engaged.
    • Enables independent analysis and testing for approval and certification.
    • Enables the adoption of knowledge transferred to be embedded at the most appropriate level, be it Student, Commercial Enterprise, or Governing entities.
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    Continuous Development – Capability & Capacity

    The OS industry provides the opportunity to engage in the development of a wide range of core skills, in a product-based route to market, that is still in its infancy, as to what it’s capable of offering an evolving market sector.

    OS Modular Unlocked


    The paradox of the OS modular market, is the tremendous potential of advancing living space, incorporating, 5 RI technologies, embedded energy, and wastewater applications in the manufacturing process, at a fraction of the cost of that of traditional construction, however the reported failure rate of OS manufacturers on the vertical is astounding.


    The introduction of a more progressive route on a horizontal platform, is aimed at expanding the market through reduced cost of entry, lower operating cost, engaging a dynamic value chain through adjustment to their service portfolio, providing building stock through collaborations not previously possible, will attract new entrants and convert existing ones to expand the market.


    The horizontal route to market will facilitate what Engineered Manufactured Building Stock was always meant to be:


    The next generation of living space!


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    Vocational Collaboration as a Contributor  

    Interactive applied learning with V TECH ↹ CONNECT.



    • Provides a push – pull vehicle for innovation between academia and commerce.
    • Provides qualified human resources to the OS market.
    • Facilitates the growth of E.M.B.S through adaptive innovations that cut across specializations relating to the use of OS building stock, such as Energy, Wastewater, 5 RI technologies.
    • Accelerates market growth by providing the shortest route to effective changes in the industry.
    • Provides a network of best practice.



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    OS E.M.B.S International Network

    Multiple entities, providing variable contributions from numerous countries, into construction projects facilitated by a single platform of understanding.


    Open Market Resource 

    The liberation from vertical integrated manufacture, facilitates national and international trade of Engineered Manufactured Building Solutions.


    Solutions include Invested interest, in terms of funding distinct elements of product to project delivery, together with and enabling structure that offers diversity in co-operative entities to collaborate in the delivery of OS projects domestically and overseas.


    Potential construction projects adopting the OS horizontal Product to Projects route to market have greater capacity of attracting interest through
    the versatility of funding, and the assortment of resources to call-upon to deliver.

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    Vocational International Collaboration

    Shared knowledge relates to generic or mutually beneficial cross-border training activities, release of isolated IP development is at the discretion of the owners.



    • Integrated platform to develop internationally recognized industry certifications i.e., Manufacturers.
    • Integrated platform to formulate recognized OS related international qualifications.
    • Integrated platform to develop OS build standards adaptations, for global trade.
    • Integrated platform for knowledge exchange.
    • Student exchange programs in OS related markets.


  • How It Works

    Four categories of participating members




    Associates are non-contributing members yet have a vested interest in the OS market sector, and would like to receive newsletters, maintain awareness of up-and-coming
    lectures, and have insight into future study modules.



    Facilitating members contribute to the transfer of knowledge either as the primary source being vocational colleges, universities, or as professional entities operating through the universities in location or on cyber based platforms.



    Partners are strategic or joint venture, depending on the application, as this group not only creates content for the bespoke study elements under the heading of OS, but on occasion develops IP with VEMAS, for commercial distribution.



    Student is a generic term used for individuals, commercial enterprise, institutional entities, and government embracing the facilities offered under the vocational umbrella.

  • NEWSLETTER Q2 2023                                          


    1st Vocational Training Collaboration Hainan China

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    Hainan & ASEAN Markets


    2021 VEMAS founder Karl Dixon visited Hainan to consider the island in relation to its port facilities and environment conditions for vocational training, both in support of the domestic market and its location in support of the ASEAN markets.

    In 2022 Karl and his co-founder Niya registered VEMAS EDUCATION CONSULTING (Hainan) Co., Ltd to facilitate vocational training initiatives.

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    Hainan Vocational and Technology College


    Established in the year 2000, close to the center of Haikou, representing the first independent public vocational college in the province. The college supports Hainan’s key industries majoring in approximately 30 disciplines, providing the market with 50,000 graduates in the past 5 years.

    The college has extensive international collaborative experience with over 20 universities / educational institutions.

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    Team M.M.C; Hainan Vocational and Technolgy College with VEMAS group CEO


    Altek Off-Site Construction Consultants (SH) Limited the service entity of VEMAS in China, has held a contracted interest with the college since 2022. VEMAS Vocational Development was established in 2022 to specifically deal with the education of OS modular technologies.

    VEMAS Vocational Development in conjunction with the college is currently formulating study modules associated with both technical and commercial requirements in support of advancing Engineered Manufactured Building

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    Purpose Built for Hands on Experience  


    The workshop facility is a recent addition to the college, with the purpose of providing hands-on experience, currently focused on PC technologies,
    with VEMAS to support the inclusion of PS and OS modular practical knowledge-based learning.

    VEMAS will look to provide additional facilities through the adoption of placements within VSMP (VEMAS Strategic Manufacturing Partners) both
    for real-time student experience and through VEMAS recruitment, contracted and permanent positions.


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    Virtual Simulation Training Center


    VEMAS latest visit to the college in April 2023, witness extensive preparation on the virtual simulation center, this new complex is to focus mainly on the application of such technologies associated with Architectual Engineering.
    The extended use of such a facility is ideal for the development of virtual production and assembly simulated scenarios with the possibility to extent
    into mixed realities, with the potential of providing extremely powerful online
    learning modules for an extensive audience.

    This was a welcome addition to VEMAS visit in April and look forward to discussing the opportunity of co-developing such applications in the
    near future.

  • NEWSLETTER     Q4 2023                       



    Horizontal Route to OS Housing for Economic Growth

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    Advanced Solution to OS Housing Stock


    VEMAS OS Horizontal route to market is a completely new approach to integrated technologies that support Engineered
    Manufactured Building Solutions


    The OS modular industry has witnessed many attempts at innovation over the last decade, mainly directed at manufacturing functionality, understandable if you consider the manufacturer to be critical to expanding the adoption of OS E.M.B.S in the form of housing stock.

    The performance of the OS modular manufacturers criticality ideally should be limited to production of product, to facilitate this, the manufacturer will need to trade extended functionality, for effective throughput of product.

    The VEMAS horizontal routeachieves this by providing technologies to support pre and post manufacture by engaging an extended and often more professional value chain, while managing to provide a more competitive “like for like” product, in addition to new product innovations to market.

    Unlocked & Unleashed OS Modular


    The solution to OS advanced manufacturing housing stock is to eliminate the dependence of the manufacture.



    The success of OS modular housing stock is arguably in the liberation of the market as to the dependency of the solitary manufacturer, while simultaneously providing horizontal manufacturers the capability of offering the market diversityand competitive product solutions.

    VEMAS technologies providesa route to market that facilitates the existence of proven entities once excluded or restricted to engage in manufactured housing solutions, as a valued added service to the Developers and Project Sponsors.

    Economic Development 


    OS on the Horizontal invites Cooperative Ventures 


    The attraction of cooperative members on a wide range of supply and service entities in support of OS Modular housing stockmanufacture, is to be attributed to a VSMP (VEMAS Strategic Manufacturing Partner) on the horizontal route. This ensures that the invested interested parties embedded into a dedicated zone are supporting market demand for OS building stock, no longer reliant on the success or failure of a standalone OS manufacturer.

    The incentive for regional and national government entities in addition to rapid development of accessible housing stock, is employment, intellectual capital, regional and international investment opportunities.



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    Design Technology
    2018 Proactive Product-to-Project : 2023 Proactive Flexible Product-to-Project


    Recent innovations inSPPS ( Syndicated Proactive Product Solutions) include SPPS FLEX, this provides the same degree of standardization as a defined SPPS product-based solution,but now has adaptability within the parameter of the core structure to adapt to multiple layouts and product to project configurations.

    It is the aim to have the first Residential SPPS FLEX available to support the ASEAN market in early


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